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Kerala the God`s own country is undoubtedly a natures gift in all aspects. Living in a house in the middle of mother nature will turn anyone to be natural. So we named the home as “Kerala House”. . Situated close to the village of Vallakadavu, Vandiperiyar, a half hour drive from Thekkady along the Vandiperiyar – Sathram road, the area is the world’s largest producer of premium quality cardamom.

A mountain road travels through a series of stunningly beautiful landscapes, climbing gradually at first and then winding into tighter turns, moving forward and higher will bring you there. Further on along the path is the resort’s cottage with a verandah and banquets area both built with a stone façade eco friendly texture and a grass thatched roof. Stone paved pathways branch out along a ridge towards two ends of the property. Fringed on either edge by lush cardamom bushes, vines of pepper and clearings with fruit trees, guests are transported on vehicle to cottages set along the hill’s slope. At the bottom of the valley is the resorts natural pool where one could have bath and fishing. The ambience all around the cottage is spectacular and indeed one of the best locations in the whole world.

Birds sing their welcome, shy squirrels scamper into the underbrush accompanied by the seductive scents of cardamom, pepper, coffee, clove, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric, succumb to the tender ministrations of branches bearing oranges, mangostene, jackfruit, rambuttan, papaya and passion fruit.



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